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Web sites represent your company, round the clock, and around the world. High quality Web sites with useful, compelling and up-to-date content cost time and money. So whether you manage a public Web site, corporate intranet or partner extranet, isn�t it important to know that your investment on the Web is paying out? Your Web site was built for a reason. Is it doing what you intended it to do, whether that means selling, bringing in leads, increasing registrations or reducing service costs? How do you find out?

Sys-X Corporation�sexperts can help you measure, collect and analyze Internet data about your Web sites to help you better understand and optimize your Web presence. Fix what�s performing poorly and do more of what�s performing well.

  • Standard Web Analytics Diagnostic. Focused on your public Web site, intranet or extranet, we�ll profile your most important group of Web visitors and analyze your Web traffic data to see how successfully you�re meeting their needs with your Web site. Who are your Web site visitors, are they who you expected, where are they coming from, what are they doing? If your Web site traffic tool requires improvement, we�ll recommend options you may wish to consider to improve the quality and timeliness of information collected.
  • Expanded Web Analytics Diagnostic. This expanded diagnostic includes the Standard Diagnostic but looks beyond the bounds of your Web site. You�ll tell us what your goals are for your Web site. We�ll look use your Web site data and other tools to evaluate your external Web presence, directories and sites where your organization is listed, and compare your Web presence to three of your closest competitors. We�ll recommend changes that will make your Web site more visible and useful to the visitors that matter to you.

Find out what�s happening and what�s not happening on your Web site. Save your hard-earned budget. Spend it wisely. Contact us to sign up your Web site for a Web Analytics Diagnostic.

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