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Sys-X Corporation follows a clear straight-forward development methodology to achieve solid applications with simple easy to maintain architectures.  Our methodology includes the following steps:

Business Requirements Analysis:  During this phase we meet with representatives of the client to evaluate the business requirements for the proposed application.  At no charge we will generate a proposal, complete with estimates of effort and cost.  We will outline all external requirements and costs and we will provide a fixed price quotation for the entire project.

Application Design:  During this phase we design an application database, architecture and interface.  We will build simple prototypes of key user interface components and provide all of it to the client for approval and suggestions.  You know your business and we know ours.  Together we will create an application that will help you achieve your business goals.

Development:  Sys-X Corporation has expertise in all of the most used application development languages:  Java, VB, C++, C# and .Net, implemented for Windows, UNIX and Linux Operating Systems.  We have built applications to leverage all the major DB platforms, including Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.  We have used many different middle tier communications protocols including MQSeries and Soap.  All of our code is built using a well documented strategy making for cost-effective maintenance.

Verification:  This phase is very often overlooked during the planning stages.  Sys-X Corporation strives to perform complete and detailed application verification.  From straightforward boundary testing to load testing, we strive to deliver a solution which has been proven to be stable, usable, responsive and correct.

Warranty and Support:  Once the application goes into production it is covered by our six month warranty.  During this time any issues will be dealt with by our support team.  This warranty can be optionally extended for additional time following this period if desired.

We make use of our web-based issue tracking system to control any issues or enhancement requests that come up.

Please get in contact with us so that we can show you how we can use our experience to assist your organization achieve your business goals!

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